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Scientist:i've got a truck load of pots outside. if you don't mind we'll start taking cuttings right now. imagine boy
Audreyiis everywhere. why with the right advertising it could be bigger than hula hoops.
Seymour:bigger than hula hoops?
Audreyii:much bigger
Seymour:every household in america. thousands of you eating thats what you had in mind wasn't it?
Audreyii:no shit sherlock.
Seymour:we're not talking about one hungry plant we're talking world conquest.
Audreyii: and i wana thank you.
Seymour:you're a monster and so am i.
Audreyii:feed me.
Seymour:you only thing i ever loved
Audrey ii:to bad
Seymour:take that!
Audrey ii:hahaha!
Seymour:and that!
Seymour:and that,and that,and that,and that,and that!
Audreyii:give up krelbourn.
Seymour: never here rat poison eat that eat it, eat it, eat it, eat it.
Audreyii:(coughs and spluters) give up small fry.
Seymour: maybe your tough on the out side, but in their in that pod i'll hack you to bits. i'll get you from the inside.
Now open up. open up open up open up.
Audreyii: ahhhh.
Seymour: noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

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