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Many miles away from anfield
Across few oceans from the 'pool
Right in the heart of south east asia
We know the kop will always rule

All 'round the fields of indonesia
We stand together, big and proud
And with the liverbird upon our chests
We love to sing, we love to shout

Big reds, big reds
The one for you and me
We're more than just supporters
We are one family

Big reds, big reds
We knew it's meant to be
A match made in heaven
It's us and l.f.c.

Through the wind and through the rain
Through the long and winding road
Through all the dramas and the pain
We'll never let them walk alone

Something in the way they pass and move
To the kop's loud battle cry
And swaying to the great liverpool groove
Towards the glorious golden sky