Paroles de Billy christian

The Statler Brothers

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Date de parution : 05/09/1989

Durée : 0:02:03

Style : Country

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If you're listenin' billy christian, come on home
Are you listening billy christian? if you are, then go on home
Everything is like you left it, she spends all the time alone
All that music never thrills her like it did when you were there
Go on home billy christian, if you care

What a team they were together, billy christian and his wife
People loved to hear them singin' that was their success in life
But the eyes of billy christian were the wild and wandering kind
Now billy's wife sings solo all the time are you listening billy christian?

All the fellows tried to date me but she never blinked an eye
Every night she sings her same sad song and cries
Now where is billy christian? does he ever hear the song?
Does billy christian know he's welcome home?
Are you listening, billy christian?
Go on home billy christian, if you care

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