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Julia Marcell

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If you take off my clothes
And open my chest
If you can get trough all blood and liquid
Pass by my lungs and somewhere
Around the heart
Maybe you could see

A little boy with big eyes and skinny arms
He's there between my bones and muscle and all the blood
And i don't know what to think
Don't know what to say
He's been singing all day

So i say:
You should really stop
'cause i can't find a job
I can't focus on anything
You make me loose my mind
My friends say i'm crazy
'cause i sing all the time

He says:
You are no use
You watch tv all day
One day i'll run away
I'll run away
What will you do without me?

'cause when you're singing the song i'm there
And when the song moves you - i'm there
And when you're writing the song i'm there
And when you're struggling with the song i'm still there

And when you write to santa
I write to billy
'cause he's my hero

So i say:
Why don't you please shut up for a moment?
I have to study i have exams tomorrow

And he's like:
La la la

And i go:
Don't you have anything better to do?
You could take care of my stomach
'cause it's a real mess

And he goes:
I'm not listening

I don't know what to do with you anymore

And i don't know what to do
Don't know what to say

He says:
Don't do anything
Don't say anything
Just sing

And don't write to santa
Just write to billy.

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