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Billy kain emerged from the streets of florida and was the first signee to gamebreed/vvs south entertainment joint venture, building momentum as a rising emcee while sacrificing the only way of life hes ever known. im trying to keep it 100 with my career and who i am aside from that, says billy kain. its hard, but i try to stay the same and balance both worlds. i dont want to forget where i came from and at the same time, dont wanna miss blessings tryna live the same lifestyle i been livin. all in anticipation of a summer 12 debut, his street singles bang bang and zoe boy anthem, are lyrical proof that billy kain is here to stay. billy kains lauched his own vvs south entertainment imprint in 2008 . billy kains florida state of mind is a dose of reality and life from an authentic perspective.

Billy kain earned his moniker by absorbing all the hood had to offer and profiting from it tenfold. it was his sense of urgency that kept him alive and well. by the time he was 16 he had learned all the inner workings of a production studio and traveled daily to boca bobs studio to perfect his engineering interests. his childhood innocence, however, didnt last long and he was eventually forced to fend for himself. when i came into my manhood and i had to make real decisions, kain remembers. thats when i fell real heavily into the hustlin and the streets, and was doin everything under the sun. thats when i said, forget music.

Billy kain yielded to the trappings of the hood, becoming every bit the ghetto celebrity. he set up shop, opening up a clothing store and car wash in orlando, fl and imposed his will on the streets.
Billy kain recorded his first mixtape, bang bang, volume 1 and subsequently incorporated ymr. various performances, including the famed firestone would follow, as did major radio/street promotion and a blazing hot record, businessman. his interest in the fortunes of the streets though, refused to cooperate. it was like, i kept going back, he remembers. i would go to the studio for a couple of months and then id go back to the streets. floridas a&r bigga rankin made it official that billy kain is a force to recon with when gamebreed went nation in 2009. billy kain plans on staying independent stating 50/50 split joint ventures will be the only way to ink any deals. rapper billy kain is the very definition of florida & zoe life a self-inspired movement and a name you can trust. he is billy kain