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Ion Dissonance

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Narrowing days seem to stop before my utopic interface,
But 5 seconds without it, ain't worth eternity.
Now here's another story; logical function:
"keeps me awake" awake? caffeine, it must be friend of mine.
This body has treacherous ways, it must be replaced.
I'm so tired, so verily tired... is it day already?
One of many, and maybe the only fragment of reality i had in months.
I'm tired... (i never want to wake up).
But sleeping seems of questions.
Guess i must hit the reset button.
And my comfortable world crumbles again,
Leaving me defenceless against the outside.
Shaken and afraid, i'm filled with remorse and disgust
At the reflection provided by this dark mirror in front of me.
Staring back at me, laughing at me.
Wait, wait, for how long must i wait?
Until it starts again... and i'm saved.
Windows to my freedom, my life. my head hurts...
Aching a pleasant disease.
My head hurts... aching a pleasant disease!
Brand new, my world is at last.

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