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Joan Jett

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Johnny is a joker, he's a bird
A very funny joker, he's a bird
But when he jokes my hone, he's a dog
His jokin' ain't so funny, what a dog
Johnny is a joker, that's a cryin'
To steal my baby, he's a bird dog

Johnny sings a love song like a bird
Sings the sweetest love song you ever heard
But when he sings to my gal, what a howl
To me, he's just a wolf dog on the prowl
Johnny wants to fly away and bug a lug
My baby, he's a bird dog

Hey bird dog, stay away from my quail
Hey bird dog, you're on the wrong trail
Bird dog, you better leave
My lovey dove alone

Hey bird dog, get away from my chick
Hey bird dog, better get away quick
Bird dog you better find
A chicky little of your own

He's a bird dog

Johnny kissed the teacher, he's a bird
He tiptoed up to reach her, he's a bird
Though he's the teacher's pet now, he's a dog
What he wants he can get now, what a dog
He even made the teacher let him sit
Next to my baby, he's a bird dog

He's a bird dog, he's a bird dog

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