Paroles de Bird in a box

Adrian Belew

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Date de parution : 22/01/2003

Durée : 0:03:33

Style : Alternative

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I'm not a free lunch box car parked in the seat
Dead-end streetcar of desire caught by the tail piece
I'm a jiffy pop tarts are bad for your teen-aged beef

There's a mando linda evans talking on the phone
Call a porter wagoner tailor-made underwear
Every dog has his dayton ohio hitler
Says to button your fly tijuana place a bette middler

Oh, drop dead lock stock and bugle coral reefer man
Every marlon brando gave him a great big handstand
What a lumpy guy lumbago embargo fish pants

Is there a groucho marxist doctrine in the house
Calls about a lost set of keystone cops out
The same way you came in through the bathroom wind
Oh look, a rock n' roller skate and all skate slowly

Hey man, a t-bone state of the aren't
You gonna finish your bird in a box
Hey man, your witness to the stand still
Shoulder to shoulder, the burden a box
Hey man, and even colonel sanders' daddy
Was a thunder bird in a box

Loose tooth three of a perfect paradiced onions cheese
And beans from another planeteri gargoyle change
Every two thousand smiled at
Linda evans called again singing happy birthmark

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