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Date de parution : 24/08/2010

Durée : 0:04:07

Style : Alternative

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I wound up in a cold dark lonely forest
With trees so high they nearly disappeared
In the sky a small bird was flying around
The leaves no the trees were falling
I felt as though that bird seemed quite familiar
I remembered that his name was parking lot
Me and that bird fell beneath a tree in the snow
And died several years ago
All my friend came calling
Thinking that i had gone lost
All of them were searching
For me and parking lot
We left for a house up on the hillside
With broken stairs and graffiti on the walls
The kid that's where he lived wrote for a magazine
And we all stood outside talking

The owner was a man from texas
Who had left the place and brought his family
The kid extended an invitation to me
To stay for as long as i needed
After a few years the man got homesick
He moved back in and started cleaning up
And even though i was never lost with parking lot
I was glad to have friends who'd come find me
When all my friends came calling
Thinking that i had gone lost
I was simply sleeping
In a parking lot
When all my friends came searching
Looking for my ghost
I was lost inside a dream
In a parking lot

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