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The Peddlers

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Date de parution : 01/11/2002

Durée : 0:04:04

Style : Pop

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Daytime comes
Bringing the light
Giving the sun
To natures earth
Beautiful sounds
And a bluebird sings
A baby's cryin'
It's a brand new birth
It's a brand new birth
And the little girl smiled
When the little boy smiled
But the woman smiled
'cause the man had smiled
And the great big wolrd was smilin'
Down on them
Night time comes
Heavens curtains drawn
Stars shine bright
Way up above
Children pray
And the workers rest
Peace and quiet
Oh, it's people in love
Yes people love
And the little girl laughed
When the little boy laughed
Then the woman laughs
'cause the man was laughin'
And the great big world was smilin'
Down on them
A distant land
A fearsome fight
Soldiers praying
Praying for peace
Suffering pain
And giving their lives
For man's greed
Oh, god make it cease
Please god, make it cease
And the little girl cried
When the little boy cried
And the woman cried
'cause the man was cryin'
And this great big world was cryin'
Down on them

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