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Kevin Mccall

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Your birthday suit(suit)
Its about that time
And im ready for the countdown
Now the party just begun
Baby we can do anything you like
You gone be like oooh dayuum
And ima be oooh yeeaa
Let me be you teacher
Ima teach you a lesson
Girl let me unwrap your body like its a present
You got your birthday suit on with all your cakes out
Baby you burnin' up
Let me blow your candles out
We don't play games any more
We all grown up now
Ima unwrap you like a gift
Ima get you in your birthday suit
Birthday suit(4x)
Yo birthday suit (3x)
Ima get u in yo birthday suit
21 candles
Counted 21 candles
So i know im gettin with a grown ass woman
But can you handle
Baby tell me can you handle (nah)

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