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Intro: everybody listen and be generous enough to keep it down (check it) verse1: this is a message, yal think am wack just because am young talented and black/stop talkin and take action, m dope dats a fact, am being real too you all, i neva act/so realistic, ma swag cold it's like i live in tha forest, i neva make a promise, m bein modest, am dead broke and galz hate me, m bein honest/who tha strongest, i spit heavy words, wich u cannot handle, chllin at ma crib, nike sneakers on, no sandle/lighters up, if u aint gat, light up a candle/life is hard bt am healthy, i love ma apple/original, no auto tune, just tha sample/i gat a gal who's a hunchback, dat chiq lookin like a camel, m done talkin, nw watch me as i start walkin, tha hawks stalkin, tha devil is knockin, bt jesus is blockin, m at tha spaza shop, thy complainin, no stock in/tha show goes on, let tha curtains fall and let me begin....