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Yeah ,
Know wat im talkin bout
You aint shit if you aint screw'd up
Fo real
-zro and trae verse-
Houston,texas home of dj screw
We say kno wat im sayin and wat it do
And if a nigga dont like it tell em bitches i rep texas topless in this slab i i comin through
Elbows an vogues and expensive clothes, candy paint our cars, and big booty hoes,got diamonds in my mouth still representin the south wit the trunk up bitch im swangin through
I sip codiene outta styrofoam
20-70 if i kind grind the on
I aint never love a bitch been so im ridin on
Probably while the niggas aint come the shine em all
Big dully trucks with the big grills
And the cadillacs with the fifth wheel
We from the hood and we keep still
If you try to jack you gonna get killed
I dont wear my britches tight i wear them lose
Active athletes around my footwear where homie i got too many shoes
Im the man in my city tell them niggas i wont lose
For fat pat and my nigga hawk we still goin chunk the deuce..
Find me in the hood in the city that i claim
Moving slow like a music that i bang screw'd screw'd it up
Bitch im from texas, yeah bitch im from texas
Bitch im from texas, yeah bitch im from texas
Glass glass underneath beat beat my block..
Pop pop my..trunk chain chain full of rocks
Bitch im from texas, yeah bitch im from texas
Bitch im from texas, yeah bitch im from texas
-paul wall verse-
You can find me in h-o-u-s-t-o-n, riding in candy trim on pokin rim wit a 10 and her friends trae the truth ridin right behind
Two cups full and im on my grind
Talking down respect my mind i show you how boys how texas get down
Rolex time, top lift back on my nuts cause i got sack
Paper up to the roof its stack
Hoes wanna hate but it dont mean jack
Wear this money thats where im at
They texas grind thats all i know
Bang and screw and drinking big moe
Its space city getting that dough bro
-slim thug verse-
Nawf side where da boss ride
Every day i go play outside
Leavin them haters mouth wide
Cant be denied when they see me slide
Through the hood like i live there
Shit i got a few cribs there
All my gs still chill there
We barbeque dem ribs there smoke blunts and sip punch like its lunch
Every day we do it listen to nothin but texas music perfect match for that good fluid find me in the hood in the city i claim
Everybody down the h town know me man
It aint a choice i cant change
Ima rep tha nawf like i gang bang
-kirko bangz verse-
I got a bad ass bitch park outside
Yellow diamonds in my wrist if this dark outside
Pull a little bitch then i catch ghost
Just a little kid from the ghetto
Never had shit but i got a little bit
When i got a couple hits under his belt
Throw da h up..nigga i aint tyrin to belch or nothing aint got a whole lot of money but i got wealthy money
I sip a whole lot of drank but i healthy mommy, daddy was cool but he cant tell me nothing,uhh everybody think a nigga locked up young kirko he done blew up
From the h town world wide nigga whats up
-bun b verser-
Im from port author,texas lets get that straight off the top
Thats where the hustling and the grindin and the hatin dont stop
From west side to the east we out here duckin the cop
Coming down candy painted on the mother fuckin chop
Its land of the trill thats where the whole thing came from
It aint a just word or where i rapper get his name from its a way of life and we live it to the fullest
For years we represent it with blood,sweat and bullets
Im from texas

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