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Real Mckenzies

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Talkin' 'bout the bitch, she's givin' me the twitch
So powerful & regal on her throne
A two bit whore, she won't let go
Hey, what 're we gonna do 'cos she won't leave us alone

Pussycat, pussycat where have you been
Gone to bite the bitch they call the queen
She's crass, she's right, she's the ruling class
She got one hand in my sporran, the other up my ass

She's a bitch on my money, get the queen off the money
Get her off

Hope to see the monarchy shrivel up & slither away
When little johnny rotten screamed "god save the queen"
What'd he mean? hey! what th' fuck 'd he mean?

If you rock the royal seat you can bet you'll see
The sas execution squad's order from above
They're the carnate of evil english diablo satana
Prince charlie got mummy to rule diana

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