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Heart Of A Warrior

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I offered you my heart in the palm of your hands!

Suddenly, everything feels
A little to distant
What's this mean, could it be
That i'm finally done with you?
I'll take the loss
But at no cost
And even though you won't admit it
I was all you had
You dug yourself this grave
Now watch as i walk away

I've done all that i can
But this road that we are going down
Leads us to the separate paths we take
Everything we had
Was it all just a memory?
Wake me up, shake me from this dream
You will regret this!!

Yesterday i found your letter
Amidst the broken shelf
As i approached i did remember you
Crying out for help
I kept you on your feet
Loved you outside these sheets!
I gave you hope when you were sinking
You traded me for gold
Got nothing back but rocks
Bite your tongue before you talk!

You left me for dead
A price on your head
Is the next thing that you should expect
Don't bother running
There's nowhere to go
You'll just dig yourself a hole
If i brought the stars down from the sky
Would you
Stay by my side?

A constant question
In the back of my mind
Was this all a waste of time
Was this all just a waste of my time?

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