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Mccain Edwin

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E. mccain
Sweet love is keeping a very close score
She's cheated death more than one time
The tears roll down her face and on to the floor
The psychic's been reading her mind
Women with secrets men with their rage
The lines run deeper than words on the page
Breeze through the window, it turns bitter chill
Pretend we don't feel it, lie here real still
Whispered in visions of new earth shine
We volunteer to do nothing again
The world falls around us all we can do is whine
Living out the future of original sin
Well now follow me to the water
Dive right through the film
Swim in the madness, fulfill every whim
Why worry about tomorrow that you'll never see
Why talk about the children that will never be
Give us this day our daily bread
Forgive us our monstrosities
No more stories of the quick and the dead
The asphalt will burn with our liabilities

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