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Kim Wilde

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Date de parution : 04/09/2009

Durée : 0:03:43

Style : Pop

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Written by m. tsuchiya & b. crunchfield

You lay me down in satin sheets softly
You're movin' slow
It's gonna be everything just for me
I know how you want to love me

Your love is sweet, i'm going down easy
But i don't know
What i'm doing here anyway, it's not me
I don't like what i feel
It's so oh woh unreal
You better leave

You go i call the stranger in black
But can't you see you're on the wrong track
Tonight i face the danger of love that knows no promises
Alive i know i'm not coming back

Bitter is better
I gotta stop and walk away
Bitter is better
Your kind of love is not for me
Bitter is better
Locked away in your lovin' sweetness
Lost the key and i just don't need this

I'm not the woman you were looking for anyway
High on a pedestal, lillywhite
Givin' me diamond rings
You're just too much for me
I'll lose my sanity
You better leave

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