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Lisa Stansfield

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(d. pickerill/p. o'donoughue)

Bitter sweet
Bitter sweet
I never thought i'd understand
Never thought i could
The way i feel about you
And how much i need your love
How much i need your love

Bitter sweet

If i analysed each feeling
And captured every thought
I'd not be any nearer
To the beating of your heart
The beating of your heart

It's neither pain nor pleasure
Ice cold or tropic heat
Your love is hard to measure

But its taste, mmm, its taste
Is bitter sweet

Bitter sweet
Bitter sweet

Now as i think about you
And the way you make me feel
You hurt me and i doubt you
You smile and my heart heals
Smile and my heart heals


Bitter sweet (x5)

Bridge (x2)

Bitter sweet (x7)

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