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Kin6 X

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-who them boys steady keeping shit raw and rough? -you know its (black and royal x3)
-when you see me twist the fingers niggas know whats up
-i'm reppin (black and royal x3)
-spent a stack at the club now you gotta get a
-(black and royal x3)
-its a well known fact you never fuck with a--
-(black and royal x3)

(verse 1)
-black and royal on his back, a pistol on his side
-sociopath in nature, green flames in his eyes
-kin6 x - yes he matches that description
-i infect your ears and dont need no perscription
-i'll bring the guns, you bring the ammunition
-i cocked back my tounge and prepared for demolition
-my words open minds - im makin an incision
-put the barrel in your eye and call it tunnel vision
-oh yes, im repping my black and royal cuz
-i keep it in my pocket like a birdman and lugz
-i spit on fuckin mixtapes only for the buzz
-and keep an album on hand like a muthafuking glove
-you get it?!


(verse 2)
-i picked the baddest out the club so you know what it is
-caramel, 5'7, then added the heels
-i asked her, would she ride on my coaster
-she said yes, and moved alil closer
-i said whoa, she had me popping like a toaster
-went and bought her only (black and royal x4)
-you know g's dont dance, so she started grinding all up on my
-black and royal, black and royal, black and royal, bitch!


(verse 3)
-prepare the troops - f a deuce
-we showed up, all about the biz, f a truce no..
-no shawtys - i need a lioness
-king of the jungle, only take the very best
-a muthafuking beast - im wild
-you other niggas sauce - you taste mild
-im so hot, somebody get a towel
-we roll through and turn heads just like owls

(enhanced chorus)

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