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Lenny Kravitz

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Martin luther king, he had a vision
(and that's a fact)
He died so we could see that was his mission
(so don't look back)
There is no division, don't you understand?

The future looks as though it has come around
And maybe we have finally found our common ground
We're the children of our father,
If you're looking back obama
We're black and white america

In 1963 my father married (a black woman)
And when they walked the streets
They were in danger (look what you've done)
But they just kept on walking forward hand in hand

Chorus (2x)

We've waited so long
We've waited so long

Black and white america

There is no division, don't you understand?

Chorus (3x)

Black and white america
Gonna keep a-moving forward

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