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Reboot The Robot

pochette album Black days
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Date de parution : 13/12/2011

Durée : 0:03:47

Style : Alternative

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Could you leave me alone
Just for a moment,
I need some time to heal.
I just need some closure,
Some time to say goodbye.
This'll be the last time
I see you with my own eyes.

They'll take you away
And put you in the ground.
You'll be gone for forever.
And it'll hurt
Not to have you around.

Could you just sympathize
With my emotions
And let me gather my thoughts.
I'm a wreck, i'm a mess.
I'm just trying, trying to make
Sense of this.

I watched them take you away
And put you in the ground
I'll hold on to you forever,
And in my heart you'll always
Be around.

Stay right here
And watch over me
In heaven i know you see me
Watch over me, i miss you

And soon they'll take me away
And put me in the ground
And soon i'll be with you
And you'll never have
To want you around.

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