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Matt Stansberry

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I settled down in her love. inhabited by one white dove.
Our love it soared above the clouds. then, suddenly it all crashed down.
It's funny how things in this way. when you think everything is so great.
But life is like a tidal wave and seasons change and so did her love.

This dark black bird it plucked my heart. my beating heart.
As the crow flies so does my pain she caused. that she caused.
Even doves can turn black then turn on you.

It's like you go to bed one day. you wake up everything has changed.
The bird that's nesting next to you...once was white now black and blue.

Say no more. i can't walk out the door.
Before i say good bye to my life left behind.
Stay with me. black as night she would be.
I tried to forgive then paused. remember the pain she caused.
That she caused. even doves can turn black then turn on you.

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