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I knew a girl name tanesha from the bronx
Grew up in castle hill with two nieces and her aunt
Her moms and her sister, everyday and night moms
Tucked her in and kissed her hugging her tight singing this song

(aww my little girl)
She was born on october 22, right down in houston texas
From two parents living reckless
The day she was born the doctor covered her warm
Placed her in her mothers arms, tears rang out while moms sing out

(aww my little girl)
When she was three moved to n.y.c.
Pops got sent up north did a one to three stretch
Moms all alone struggling for paper
Her daughters can't eat had to borrow from they neighbors

(aww my little girl)
Age five life lop side that's when her pops died
And moms crying, still trying all alone in this world
No money and two girls of course
The sad reality of a black girl lost and singing

(aww my little girl)
Age twelve she think she's a grown woman
Now she in the streets late nights on her own mission
I met her summer '08 front of her aunt's building
Her moms looking out the window telling her to get in, screaming out

(aww my little girl)
13th birthday here come the problem
Nesha fell for some kid name phillip from harlem
Introduce him to moms her moms ain't like him
So she ran away from home her and her moms kept fighting moms singing

(aww my little girl)
Thirteen still a youngin' out on her own
On the streets dummin' out of her zone
Choose man over her mother left out of her home
In the back of her mind she still hear her mom cryin' singing

(aww my little girl)
Fourteen still hustling nesha got pregnant
Phillip found out that's when relationship ended
Ain't it sad cause the dude knew that he trapped her
She can't leave tangle in his rapture.

(aww my little girl)
Late night nesha slept in the lobby
Either pitch for somebody or, tricking her body
Back to hustling her face got slit in a robbery
In the hospital all she can think of was mommy screaming

(aww my little girl)
Now it's nesha and her baby tara
She sworn to raise her baby proper and show the way
One day look at her daughter saw her splitting image
Seen herself through her child, she cried watching her smile singing

(aww my little girl)
Fifth-teen year old dope fiend, part-time mom
Use the money in stash from her part-time job
See her child-hood days was gone she realize living was hard
Late night singing her song and saying

(aww my little girl)
What could she do? no place to sleep, no food to eat
She wanna go home and leave this alone
Bumped into her mom laraine on edgecomb
Moms hugged her and embraced her thank god that he saved her.

(aww my little girl)
Late night on february 9th
Nesha trippin' in her sleep can't make it through the night
Asking god to come take her from this life
And forgive her for her sins and the taking of her life screaming

(aww my little girl)
She can't take it now ran into the kitchen
Grabbed a knife; on the edge her bed constipating how
She could replace her life from all this pain
So she slit her daughters throat........

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