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Carly Simon

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You may think i'm dumb
Or you may think you're sly
But i know what you're cravin'
I've been watchin' your eyes

There's a girl 'cross the room
She's been glancin' this way
Both of you wonderin'
When you'll have your day

Black honeymoon
I'll be leavin' you soon
Next time maybe i'll be the girl
Across the room, black honeymoon

She's tossin' her hair
She won't meet my stare
I turn to accuse you
You pretend she's not there

The pains not so bad
'cause i've played through this game
The players are different
But the moves, they're the same

Now, she's gone
And you're smilin' back
But my blood's turned to ice
Ice, ice, ice

Now, i don't feel undone
And i don't feel afraid
There's nothing quite so cold
As the heart you've betrayed

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