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Black jack david is the name that i bear
Been alone in the forests a long time
But the time is coming when a lady i'll find
I will love her and hold her
Singing through the green green trees
The skin on my hands is like the leather i ride
And my face is hard from the cold wind
But my heart so warm with the song that i sing
Will charm a fair lady
Singing though the green green trees

Fari eloise rode out that day
From her fine fine home in the morning
In the flush of dawn came a sound to her ear
Drifting and floating
Singing through the green green trees

Last night she slept on a fine feather bed
Far far from black jack david
But tonight she'll sleep on the cold cold ground
And love him and hold him
Singing through the green green trees

Oh saddle me up my fine grey mare
Cried the lord of the house next morning
For my servants tell me my daughter's gone
With black jack david
Singing through the green green trees

Now he rode all day and he rode all night
But he never did find his daughter
But he heard from afar come drift on the wind
Two voices laughing

Singing through the green green trees.

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