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J Lethal

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My flow is so stupid, these niggas cannot fathom it
Black card, black magic, yeah i'm living lavish bitch
Still going in like ya girl on prom night
I'm number one bitch and i don't plan to share the limelight
I'm a eastside native, and i stay innovative
And my swag is so exquisite, it can't help but captivate 'em
Ball so hard, got that automatic starter flow
I love a yellow-bone, but i ain't lookin' in her eyes
'cause i'm searching for that cameltoe
I'm the best in the game, just check my credentials
A true rap god because i come equipped with all the essentials
Black magic shit, i can make you disappear
I might get it tatted on my face but i will not shed a tear
Let me stop playing and kick it into high gear
I'm in my own restricted space, and no you cannot fly here
My swagger on a milli, but it cannot be bought
I am better than the best, what the fuck you pussy niggas thought
Two hundred thou on the chain and yes, i expect a reaction
Spit rhymes so eloquent you guaranteed satisfaction
I be switching up my flows like a nigga doing backstrokes
On my bm shit, got a nigga blowing black smoke
And i was like, got-damn
Pop that, lock that, got the top back
On the drop back, i'm strapped
And the glock at where the crotch at
You whack, where the rocks at
Hold up, stop that, stop that
You got that, got that, i got that
Got racks, big stacks
Ya'll niggas ain't bout that, 'bout that life
'cause i'm gone up off that kryptonite

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