Paroles de Black moon pyramid

Axel Rudi Pell

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Date de parution : 11/03/1996

Durée : 0:09:55

Style : Rock

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(music: pell, lyrics: pell)

They came out of nowhere,
From the land of the broken souls,
To build up a tower,
With their flesh and their bones.

They sailed across the seven seas,
To break the seal of slavery
From beyond they heard the thunder
From the ship that went under the sea

The moon was shinin' bright
With his darkened purple light
To spread the wings of wonder
We had to find some place to hide

Shadows in the darkness
From a light down in the black,
We're dealing with danger,
Will we ever be comin' back again

Ooh ho ho hooh ho ho
Hooh ho ho hooh, we ran through the fire
Ooh ho ho hooh ho ho
Hooh ho ho hooh, to touch the flames
Ooh ho ho hooh ho ho
Hoon ho ho hooh, we ran through the fire
Ooh ho ho hooh ho ho
Hooh ho ho hooh, to the black moon pyramid

Silent screams and noisy thoughts
Filled the air with danger,
How can we escape from here
Without the pain and anger.

We crossed the dying fields of war,
Lost in the world of (the) evil scores,
To get out of insanity,
We went through the temple of eternity

(repeat chorus)

We sailed across the seven seas
To break the seal of insanity, oh hoo hoooh
We're slaves to the king, slaves to the king
Of the black moon

(repeat chorus)

We sailed away, we sailed away, to eternity
We were lost in the world, (continue page)

Lost in the world, of misery
We crossed the field, crossed the field,
Crossed the field, of the prince of darkness

The moon was shinin' bright,
With his darkened purple light,
To the pyramid of the black moon

We heard from the danger,
Of the land of the stranger,
You better be aware, better be aware,

Don't trust the shadow, don't trust the
Shadow of the black moon pyramid

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