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Sonny Boy Williamson I

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Black panter track 10 2:39
Sonny boy williamson i (john lee)
(sonny boy williamson)
Sonny boy williamson - vcl and hca
With blind boy davis - piano, charlie mccoy - gtr, alfred elkins imbass
Alfred elkins - imitation bass
Recorded: chicago, dec 11, 1941
Document records docd-5058
Album: vol. 4 document records docd5058

My baby thinks she a black panter
She wanna climb up in her tree an jump down
Now she wants cut my throat
When ain't nobody else around

My baby thinks she's a black panter
Now an she wants to rule me a while, yeah
Now when she says something contrary
Now she don't want me to do nothin' but smile

Last night in my bed i found a black panter
Must-a been about forty-nine inches
You could hear me holler
Man, an i didn't have time to swaller

In my bed i found a black panter, mm
Musta been about forty-nine inches long now
Now an i went an got my shotgun 'n i started to kill 'er
But i thought my baby's been doin' me wrong

(instrumental & harmonica)

Well, the panter think's she's a-rulin'
Now because she always has her way
Now but someday she gonna meet the lion
She ain't 'on even have no place to stay

Now my b-baby thinks she's a black panter, mm
Now an she wants to rule me awhile, yeah
Now an when she says somethin' contrary
She don't want me to do nothin' but smile, yeah.


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