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Dark Lotus

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Date de parution : 06/04/2004

Durée : 0:03:33

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(anybody killa)
I can see the earth startin' to shift
Inside out
No trace of the moon
Since the face burnt out
Watch the rain fall down,
Hard and heavy
Dark black like dirt
But it will burn severely
You can call it the body of the lotus
Hand of the magical supernatural keeping you focused
If the rain didn't get ya
Then your here for a reason
To spread the word to the world
That the pod is in season

(monoxide child)
You can hear the thunder clap
The full moon gleaming like the eyes of a cat
The dark lotus is back (bitch)
And you can feel the ground pulsating
And all the haters start hating
But its all been anticipated
And we been waitin' till the timing is right
To get to bombin' on you bitches who misguided the light
And anybody who don't get it,
Get the fuck out my sight
Bitch, i ain't explaining
I'm just claimin' your life, bitch!

Black raindrops keep falling down
(you can tell there's something goin' on, take a look around)
These black raindrops keep falling down
(arms spread to the lotus cross holdin' it down)
These black raindrops keep falling down
(and i don't know why...why?)
These black raindrops keep falling down
(and i may never know why..know why?)

(violent j)
I stick a running chainsaw blade all down your throat
And fuckin' outta ya ass,
I cut ya body in half
I gotta be bloody
Leave somebody blood on my body
I need to be the bloodiest
Of bloody bodies and hotties
I'm 'bout to murda for the lotus
Black rain it falls upon us
And i don't need normal therapy i know who i am
And i don't like a blade through your brain do ya ka blam!!

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