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I go harder than a male pornstar
I fuck hoes
And im a star
So does that make me a pornstar
Growin up seein all the things i saw
Does that make me fucked up
When my homie got hit by that car
I say he lucked up
But he's in a better place
And all u niggas that was sleepin on me
Tucked up
Wipe the slob of ya face
This artwork right here?
Cant be erased
Ex girl talkin behind her back
But her friends
Yea the ones who got her back
Is the main ones tryna throw it back
Hated when we was together
Now they tryna get it her back
And i got proof tho
And all yall niggas lying
Sayin yall money through the roof tho?
I can barely see it on the flo
Im making it now shoutout to the niggas that doubted the flo

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