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Velvet Acid Christ

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Date de parution : 27/10/2009

Durée : 0:04:34

Style : Electronic

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Hope is something you don't have.
The eyes that look through all these pages.
The one that's devilishly foolish.
The eyes that make us gray.

I iost my foot again.
I slip and fall to you.
I have no right at all.

I fall dead.
You miss me.
I break my promise to keep.
You all...
Want black rainbows.
I fail.
I fail.

The ones that call...
You out to find you.
They rest their heads to feint their death.
Once the minds will cover you in dust---dirt.
To make us feel alone again, because you won't let go again.

And i confess with...
You make me bleed again.
You make me live again.
You make me cry again.

I fall dead.
You miss me.
I break in time.
For you.
You want black rainbows.

I fail.
I fail.
I fail.

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