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Ferlin Husky

pochette album Black sheep
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Date de parution : 25/10/2013

Durée : 0:02:35

Style : Country

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(black sheep black sheep)
This world holds many misteries that i don't understand
One is why the wanderlust is born in the heart of a man
I kissed young lips that thrilled me so and set my soul on fire
I'm a black sheep boy and i just can't find the lips my heart desire
Black sheep (black sheep) black sheep (black sheep)
Why do i have to roam why can't i have a happy heart like other guys i've known

This wanderlust in my hungry heart keeps me on the road
I'm a black sheep boy there's a lot more oats that we've gotta sow
Black sheep (black sheep) black sheep (black sheep)
I've known life i've tasted love from a girl that's true and sweet
She haunts me in my dreams at night and i can hardly sleep
I won her self fancy then but my wanderin' heart says no
Black sheep boy with lot more places we've gotta go
Black sheep (black sheep)...

I can hear my mama say as she sits there all alone
My black sheep boy is a coming back never more to roam
Black sheep (black sheep)...
Black sheep (black sheep) black sheep (black sheep) black sheep (black sheep)

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