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When the evil sea starts to gorge the sun
Blood red shadows fall, swallow your last call
The greedy laugh of sins catches you while you run
Drunken passion awaits you in the night
Awful sin spits the plaque over the land
Feel the fever heat, you're in my hand

Eternal mistress of life, cruel queen of the damned
Skin like fallen snow, eyes of an ancient crow
The one you love and i'm the one you burn in flames
I've hundred faces and i have one million names

Call me demon, call me maria
Call me kali, call me venus
I'm your black snake sister

Life is the bride of death at night
Shadows kiss the dawn, light will be reborn
Sleeping sin is so sweet in the arms of creed
Don't fear when you die, your god is a lie

Kiss my skin, be my hero for this night
Be my king, we are one and turn to light

When the evil sea starts to gorge the sun swallow your last call
When the evil sea starts to gorge the sun blood red shadows fall

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