Paroles de Black tear drops

Kris Ivory

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Yeah x7
La la la la la laaa...ahh ahh
Run arround
Me and the radio
Can't sleep...

Your last text
In my head
Too many memories
My days
My love
My life
Been looking down down down down yeah yeah

Road rage
Anxiety, over me
Like a cigarette, i need to let, some steam go
Its so hard to breathe
When the walls are closing in on you all around, round, round, round
Yeah x2

Promises broken
My hearts been stolen
Whole world is frozen
Sun isnt glowing
Wind isnt blowing, stuck in slow motion.
Dripping mascara, eyes dripping mascara.

Black tear drops, black tear drops
(their pouring down)
Tear drops, black tear drops
Boy look what you've done
Smeared all my make-up
Black tear drops, yeah

Black tear drops, black tear drops
(covered in black)
Tear drops, and it wont stop
Boy look what you've done
Smeared all my make-uo
Black tear drops, yeah

So long for the romeo, and juliette
Happy ending
Farewell to the farytale
Sadly, it was all a dream