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The education they give us seem to be minimal,
Dont waste your time on them niggas they gon be criminals.
And when they say it they mean it,
Its so cruel and demeaning.
What the fuck are they teaching?
As i sit here daydreaming about lacresha.
Light skin, long hair, all the right features.
There go my nigga e beeper
And they robbed my dream and they robbed the class
Teacher confiscated damn thats my nigga ??
And not because of school
Its because rent is due by 2
And his momma got laid off so he trying to pull through
For the fam, do my teacher understand?
Naw.. cause she aint never had it like that.
She aint never been young, wild and black.
With the high stack forced to cop crack from the dopeman.
I sit around a good meal and hold hands.

9 year old me wants to be rapstar,
25 year old me wants to run away far
Until the unknown,
Started not give a fuck about no microphone.
I spend my nights alone praying,
Saying, "if i could get one hit, i'd stay as far away from satan."
Till then ill be smoking and drinking,
Porno-watching, five-finger discount shopping.
Down that old that hill
Trying to make history and have a story to tell.
My future daughter and son who have just begun to be thought about
But becoming this rap star working out
Im trying to figure how to get up out my momma house
Im on tv watching me from my momma couch
Feeling like time is running out
I think its time ti re-route..

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