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Blackberry way,absolutely pouring down with rain
It's a terrible day,up wih the lark
Silly girl i don't know what to say
She was running away
So now i'm standing on th corner,
Lost in the things that i said.
What am i supposd to do now.
Chorus...goodbye blackberry way,i can't see you,i don't need you,
Goodbye blackberry way,syre to want me back another day.
Down to the park,overgrowing but the trees are bare
There's a mmory there
Boats on the lake unattended.
Now the laughters's drowned i'm incredibly down,
Just like myself they are neglected,turn with my eyes to the wall
What am i suuposed to do now
Oooh-la oooh-la oo ooh x 2
Run for the train look behind you for she may be there
Said a thing in the air,
Blackberry way se the battle field of careless sins
Cast to the winds so full of emptiness without her
Lost in the words that i said
What am i supposed to do now
Chorus.... repaet and fade

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