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Date de parution : 01/08/2003

Durée : 0:04:59

Style : Heavy Metal

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(m and l: t. eriksson)

What would you say if i threw it all away
The life that i lead could it be more surreal

Searching in my mind in the order to find some sense of reality
I fear that i am beginning to lose what's left of my sanity

Awake again full of bloodstains on my hands
I wonder where i have been whose death i have foreseen

Breaking my will with the purpose to kill all shreds of humanity
To lose the control of body and soul is my main anxiety

Something's coming over me my reality slowly slipping away
I just can't remember but can't seem to forget
Who i am blacked out again

Can't longer say what is real and what is a dream
The demon is rising up from far deep down within

I have fallen into the deths of sin
Where the humanity ends and pain begins
Breaking free from this torment i must do
If i told you my secret, oh would you believe it's true

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