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Blah blah

I don't wanna die
Neither do i
I like mushroom pie
So do i
I wish that i could fly
So do i
I'm quite camera-shy
So do i

I'd like to have a boat
So does she
I'm diggin' those fur coats
Dont judge me
I never end my cup of tea
So do we
There's no vice into me
Isn't it

I do read magazines
So does he
I do peel off my skin
So does she
I'd die for a piece of cheese
Oh yeah please
You should listen to me
As i did

I love to death to dance
So do i
I'll jump over that fence
So do i
To run that bad romance
Don't you try
And spend my cash advance
In one night

Uhh, it's the q to tha b to tha double e spittin' lovely
And it don't stop, rocks shine through my tank top
Where your bank stop?, i deposit all of one drop
I be off the wall like the lox
Night box filled with benjamins
Me and my girl gettin' pissy up in benigans
Makin' all you rappers begin again, like finnigan
Christians repent then sin again
Girls wanna be my friend again
Lay up in my crib-o-wit', get up in my limousine
While 'misdemeanor' hit notes like sarafina
I subpeona you to my funk room see
I hit you wit' da huhhh, she wit' you wit' da hee

He's tall he's so sexy
Do agree
Screw up those skinny jeans
This is it
I'm a queen, i'm almighty
Yeah baby
My butt is real bumpy
He loves it

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