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Gary Clark

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When you feelling down and out
When you feelling blak and blue
You should feel like you can come to me
And i'll tell you the truth
It's somewhere we've got twisted
How do we get lifted
How do we not go insane
For so long we've existed
Still we all resisted
Why is it we still remain

Blak and blue
Oh no, don't leave me

It's not you get just what you paid for
Aint't that you reach what you saw
You won't get everything you pray for
Surprises me you don't know by now
I need something to hold on to
While the world is spinning round and round
You could crumble any moment
I keep my feet on solid ground for now

Black and blue
Oh no don't leave me

Blak and blue mama don't leave me
Blak and blue father dont leave me,
No i won't leave you

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