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(malcolm x begins speaking)
You have to read the history of slavery to understand this. there was 2 kinds of negros: there was that old house negro and the field negro. and the house negro always looked out for his master. when the field negro got too much out of line he held him in check. the house negro could afford to do that because he lived better than the field negro and today you still have house negros and field negros. i'm a field negro!)

Oh lord! oh lord!
Know your worth nigga!
My actions been louder
Than my words nigga!
Hulk hogan hand up at the ear
I ain't heard nighas!
Uncle tom, honky lovin homos
Getting served nigga!
Down in mississippi
We guerrillas.
No team
Just them
"cucamonga cracka killas"
Young king
Smoking out the palace
Shout out my nephew alex
Young selassi-ali
Sipping similac
Up out the chalice!
Yea bitch
I'm on some
Rap to pay the bills shit
Cause where i'm from that mean
You made it nigga
Real shit!
Y'all let these crackas come through this bitch and just steal shit!
Got up out that slave deal
Now it's kill switch!
Emmett trill bitch!
Niggas finna get exposed real quick, (yah) real quick,
Real fucking quick!
House niggas finna get exposed
Real quick (yah)
Real quick
Real fucking quick!
Ay love to my real head bussas!
I'm out in la
I got some blue and red
Fuck justin bieber
Souljah boy
And usher
And whoever riding wit em
We ain't sparing nan sucka
Muh fucka
House niggas finna get exposed
Real quick (yah)
Real quick
Real fucking quick
Don't know what you got
But bitch i got a real dick
Ha a real dick
Only for these real chicks
All these hoes out here partying they life away
While these hoes out here partying they life away
A couple hundred girls in africa gone die today
In bout a couple years it's gone be you and it ain't no hideaway
Foot up on the gas bitch and guess who got the right of way
Difference between us & y'all niggas,
Ha - night and day!
Nigga you a thot
Skirt or not
Next black man
That talk about another black man
But be taking up for the white man
We gone call ya gay.
Yah.. so stop twerking!
Start working!
Bitch, stop twerking start working!
Yah, don't sell your soul
It ain't worth it!
Let me show you
How these boys working
These niggas is using the same
Old simple ass flows
Passing around the same
Old wrinkled ass hoes
Rocking all the same
Old pussy ass clothes
Never getting pussy
Busy hitting assholes.
I'm a young black male
That you can't blackmail
You can't tell me shit
If you don't know how crack smell.
I helped my own cousin
With a dozen
Crack sales
Then i watched him get
Strung out
This is black hell.
Black hell.
This is black hell.
Blak hell.
This is blak hell.
It's blak hell
We ain't fucking with you niggas.
'pac would be disgusted at you niggas.

(phone conversation between sanyika shakur and tupac shakur begins)

Sanyika: my nigha, what's up?

Pac: i just been struggling out here. lookin for you. i need some help.

Sanyika: i'm here brother whatever i can do straight up! i'm gone plug you in.

Pac: got to man

Sanyika: i'm tellin you man! (laughs) i'm tellin you, papi!

Pac: ay i wanna get this organization started with you. only we can do it. let me tell you the idea. it's like we start like this youth league right. football league. basketball league. softball. for girls and boys. we get all the rappers to adopt a team. each rapper would have a team. coolio would have his team. treach have a team. i'd have my team. and we play. the rappers are the one that put the money up. we get the field we play. we have the churches come out and sell food. we have the fathers and the uncles and all the men in the community they do security. get they respect back from the kids. then we have the foi come out we have the deacons come out from the church and they do security. then we play football, baseball... you know get that community spirit going again. then on the weekend we have block parties. every rapper gotta give it up! every rapper, nigga if you got a record out you gotta give it up for us you gotta come do a free show for the hood. and it's like a little tour. we do that and get all the communities back together. then we do that and we register the voters. then we start going up to the mayors in these cities and we start telling em look we got this many voters in this city and we want you to do this, we want a community center, we start hitting up nike for the free clothes. computer stores for free computers for these community centers. imma have all these tough ass supposed to be gangsta rappers we gone all get in a van we gone travel... la gotta be the last place cause it's gonna be the hardest. but we can do new jersey all of that. we gone drive to all these drug areas right? imagine me, redman, treach, ice cube, them type of niggas getting going up to whoever the main drug dealer is on that block "yo who the nigga that run shit?" they gone take us to that nigha. we invite those niggas to dinner. dom periggnone shrimp & lobster and be like "look playa we asking you, not telling you from a playa to a playa can you please give us a pass to have these streets clean from 6 am to 11 pm. let that be for the kids. let them be safe during that time. no gunshots no drugs. then we can get these politicians, i talked to al sharpton, he said he can get the police to chill out on those night time patrols if nighas can get the streets clean from 6-11.

Sanyika: yea that's phat man. you know i'm with all that right? you know. that's my type of work. dig it man. power man.

Tupac: yeah we need power man. power in numbers. it's like, we rappers man, we got the juice... we just aint doing nothing with it... (song fades out)

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