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Georgia Murray

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Date de parution : 03/06/2011

Durée : 0:01:55

Style : Pop

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Riding into town with my eyes on the ground
Boots tied tight they were chocolate brown
My favourite song was playing in my head
"everything is everything" is what she said
It wasn't long before i came upon
This lovely man but he wasn't alone
He had a girl, she was on his arm
And i played it off like i wouldn't cause any harm
We took it slow, started talkin on the low
My affection for him started to grow
I got scared tried to make it stop
His girl was crazy, probably shoot my head off

But i could not help the inevitable
Our chemistry was incurable
I tried and tried and tried to just let it go
But our hearts were connected and we couldn't say no

Lauryn said "after winter must come spring, what will be will be, everything is everything"
Cuz fate don't lie and destiny wont change
Sorry she was a casualty of the game

Now we're together walking hand in hand
Im his girl and he's my man
I just hope some bitch doesn't come our way
And blame it on fate when she steals him away.

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