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Alana Davis

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Date de parution : 28/08/2007

Durée : 0:05:11

Style : Pop

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Leaves change from green to red
Without notes in tune with the time that surrounds
I think that's something that you said
Back a while when you first started coming around

You and i are from different worlds
But that just gave us more to share
You'd ask me where i wanted to be
And i was happy with you just being there

And now i feel we've got some serious talking ahead
And i don't want you to get me wrong
It's just we've become kind of a habit to each other
And this can't keep going on

Blame it on me, on me

Over the past few months through no fault of your own
I've grown disenchanted and i've got to do it alone
Seems the natural thing to do
'cause you can't cling to me if i'm not gonna stick with you

Now take a look at what it's all coming down to
You act like i'm leaving you on the shelf
But i don't know how else to say it
Life's a game and we all have to play it
So i've got to look out for myself

Blame it on me, on me

Blame it on me, baby

All these changes going on and i'm feeling it so strong
You know they've got to be real
It's hard to explain it baby, i don't know if i can make it baby
If i can't tell you how i feel

I've been pushing it aside but i can't sacrifice my pride any longer
I thought it would subside
Something i could hide
But it's only getting stronger

Blame it on me
Oh my goodness

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