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Greg Hanna

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Blame it on me by greg hanna

If i was wrong to try to fool you
Into fallin in love with me
You can blame me, it wont phase me
Im good at takin resposibility
Yeah it's my fault for leadin you on
But that was my intention all along

Blame it on me, blame it on me
If thats what you feel, say what you mean
I'll take the wrap for makin' it easy
Its hard to resist me
So blame it on me.

If i could borrow, from tommorrow
I'd show you how it would be right now
I've got a picture, of forever
We're in love and we don't want out.
But if it dont work out like we thought it would
At least my intentions were always good

Well if theres a feelin that you can't shake
Maybe you should just take some time to think
Baby ther's one thing you aint thought of
Maybe you should blame it on love!


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