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Striking Matches

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You've been somewhat hard to find
It ain't me whose askin why
Little miss secret sneakin out
You've got people talkin now
An if you ever need at all
Somebody to take a fall,
Count me in i'm goin down,
Anything to save the crown
Queen of all i want to know

You've got me all twisted up,
My heart beats poundin like a big bass drum
I've got you doing all kinds of crazy things...
Like stayin up real late
Takin long weekends
Makin' all your friends wonder where you been.
Like dancin in the streets
Until 3 am
And the very next night do it all again!
Sounds like someone loves to steal your company,
Well, baby you can blame it on me!

Yes i am a guilty man,
Caught me here with two red hands.
Call me in to serve my time,
Gettin lost inside your eyes
Oh oh oh
Ain't no better place i know


An i got you and i'll agree
That's some kinda modern mystery,

An you got me doin all kinda crazy things
Like stayin up real late....

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