Paroles de Blame

Crystal Kovach

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Date de parution : 10/08/2009

Durée : 0:03:09

Style : Rock

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Open the door, i've gotten lost again
Don't leave me alone, determined to hasten the end

We share it all
We throw around the blame
We can foresee the fall
So why not delay the rain

I won't go, i won't leave, i will let it lie
I won't even blame you
We're out of luck, we're out of time
We can't lay the blame

I may be wrong, but something is on tonight
A reason to fight, a reason to pacify

We never mean the ugly the things we say
If this is the best we'll ever see,
Well that's something to save


How long do you care to be right?
And sit all alone in your might
Nothing good, nothing gained when we know
The blame grows old


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