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Lifeless Drive

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Love will never get in my way. as the time goes out, there's nothing to say. hiding faces, nothing makes out. nothing is the same when refound. never get up to the morning sunrise, your temper goes up. that was my surprise. as the crowd stands up there's nothing the same except the time so slowly, i took the blame.
(chorus) falling, falling, out on the ground harder than the love that i found. all these tears and no one to blame. someone always puts me to shame so blaming people that i don't know, only being there for the show.
Temper, temper, what is your name. everybody else is the same. run from fear, it's only the cause. standing up to bring the applause. blaming people, blaming away. standing up to finish the play. fading in and out with one style. jumping off the cliff that's so high and you're...

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