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Divine Comedy

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I cannot reconcile myself to this - i wish i could!i cannot live the =
Life i ought to live - i know i should!i cannot bring myself to =
Pray,except to wish these words awaythey echo round my headbut soon they =
Will escapeacross the bleak landscape
There is a tree that grows out of this earthit stands alonethere is a =
Wind that shaped it from its birthby whom the seed was sowni cannot =
Bring myself to singit is a wild, untethered thingthat echoes round my =
Headbut soon it will escapeacross the bleak landscape
I cannot bring myself to... speakexcept to wish myself asleepevery word =
Unutteredonly serves to clutter up my headwhen i go to bedi dream =
Thatsoon i will escapeacross the bleak landscape
And soon we shall escapeacross our very own bleak landscape

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