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You said you'll dream, you wanna be
You still can't bring yourself to try, you want to die
And you want more of these things to help them
Set all these people you once had
While they watch you, they're haunting you

Go on kid, don't let them stop you
The door's still locked but i'm here listening

You said you'll dream you wanna be
And you won't try
You try you'll fail you'll wanna see
How you'll never be

Wait but you won't try
Wait but you won't die

I can't take this any further
You got some suggestions? i'm listening
Is this speaking loud?
We must whisper they might hear

Well just rip off all there ears
And stab there eyes out
While there not watching

Go on kid, don't let them stop you
(don't let them stop you)
We'll bust this door down then they'll listen

I'm weak, i'm numb, i wanna be
But i won't try
I tried, i failed, i wanna see
How i'll never be

Wait but i won't try
Wait but i won't die

I'm strong, i'm where i wanna be
But i won't try
They'll try, they'll fail, they'll wanna see
How they'll hurt me

Wait but i won't try
Wait, wait, no, i don't wanna die

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