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Love Like Blood

pochette album Bleeding
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Date de parution : 08/09/2009

Durée : 0:06:01

Style : Rock

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I hear your voice, i hear you cry
You sense the doubt inside my mind
Voices scream heaven and voices scream hell
All those words i used to know so well

Now i turn around with a pensive smile
Now i turn around, yeah i turn around, with tears in my eyes

(chorus (x2))
This blood flows for you again
This blood it flows so cold

Me, i wrote a farewell note
Remembering how he have passed all our time
Things i said were sometimes not too clear
Although i truly loved you so dear

When you see me fall with a strangled smile
When you see me fall, yeah you see me fall, with bloodshot eyes

(repeat chorus)

I've always tried to suppress my emotions
I tried to keep the land between our oceans
This love was just something passionate
And the sensations soon gonna fade again

(repeat chorus)

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