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I'm going through changes
But i felt the same way a long time ago
It's this time or never
I will make it stronger than ever before

Some are slaves behind their numbers
And some take shelter in their time
But i've got no time to spare

Bleeding, i kill myself to stay alive
Bleeding out the poison in my veins
Bleeding, i kill myself to stay alive

You're free to speak
Every word that may come to your mind
But i just don't care
'cause i'm not another invented disease

Many men were here before me
But i don't need to follow them
And i always stand in the end

I will carry on my way
I won't follow any rules
And if the wind will catch our sails
I won't be the one to complain

And i won't take any blame
For following an easy ride
Cause i've been down this road before
When all was a wasteland

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